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Protective Quartz Sealers

Protective Sealers for Quartz Surfaces

You may have read or heard from someone that quartz does not need to be sealed. Even makers of quartz document the stain resistance and non porous nature of this material. There are however cases where stains occur on quartz surfaces. In fact, many different subtances can and do stain quartz countertops. Are we saying that quartz surfaces need to be protected with a sealer. No. When properly and perfectly cared for, quartz does not need to be protected from substances that can come into contact with the surface. For those that are less than perfect though, Tenax has produced products designed for protecting engineered quartz.

Does Engineered Quartz Stain?

It may seem as though one does not need to be concerned with this question. Yet, there are those that have undertaken the task of actually testing whether quartz surfaces stain.

The results of the above referenced test conclusively show that quartz can and does stain under certain circumstances. That's why quartz cleaners exist to remove stains from quartz surfaces. And even unattended water can leave "stains" on quartz surfaces. So we provide a limescale remover for quartz for restoration professionals that need to remove limescale.

Quartz Shield Sealer

Even though quartz can be cleaned when it incurs a stain that does not mean that protecting it is unnecessary. Using a properly formulated quartz sealer to help protect quartz countertops is not out of the question. Quartz shield is a sealer that is designed to work on quartz surfaces.

Quartz Toner Plus

As previously mentioned, quartz can become stained. When this happens, some try to correct the stain by using cleaners or household chemical that are not designed for use on quartz. Under these circumstances, neative results follow. Sometimes quartz countertops become hazy or dull looking and need to have the luster and deep colors restored. For these cases we provide quartz toner plus to enhance the color of the quartz countertop surface.

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250ml Tenax Quartz Toner Stone Color Plus Enhancer Part # 1MPA00BG501Q05 Color Enhancing Quartz Toner Plus 250 ML

A surface treatment that can be used on a variety of engineered stone surfaces to enhance the color of the stone and protects against various substances.

Tenax USA Price: $22.06
Quartz Shield 1 Liter 1MPA00BG502 Food Safe Quartz Oil & Water Repellant 1 Liter

Quartz shield is a water-based oil and water repllant for treating engineered stone and quartz surfaces whether they are polished, honed, or brushed and is approved for food contact.

Tenax USA Price: $70.95
1L Tenax Quartz Toner Stone Color Plus Enhancer Part # 1MPA00BG501Q Quartz Toner Plus 1 Liter

A multi-finish compatible surface treatment that can be used on a variety of engineered stone surfaces to enhance the color of the stone.

Tenax USA Price: $85.06