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Uses for Razor Blades

Razor Blade Tips

Razors blades are used in a variety of industries and for a number of purposes. The reason for this is because they are so versatile and they are effective tools for a number of tasks. In this article we will look briefly at some popular tasks for which razor blades are used. Additionally, we will consider some common questions and look at some tips for using razor blades as well.

Razor Blade Uses

Razor blades can be used in a number of occupations. For instance, they are great for cleaning up paint overspray. Removing stickers or labels from a hard surface can also be accomplished easily using one of these versatile tools. Even taking dry silicon off a counter or window can be quick work when it is done using a flat razor blade.

Virtually any hard surface from which you are wanting to remove another substance is worth trying a razor blade on. Laying the blade at just the right angle and moving it across the surface works to "cut" away unwanted material. What are some tasks that this tools is excellent for?

Gluing Stone Pieces Together

In the stone fabrication industry in particular, these blades are extremely effective. When two stone pieces are glued and they are pressed together to create a tight seam, the glue squeezes out and dries on the seam. Using a razor blade in the manner mentioned above is an effective way to remove the excess glue from the seam.

Other Materials

Stone is not the only material that blades of this type can be used to cleaned up. Some other materials on which razor blades are good for removing glue and other substances include:

  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Vinyl
  • Laminate
  • Hard Plastic
  • Ceramics & Porcelain

As you can see, razor blades for stone fabrication are a good item to be thinking about using if you are a fabricator or installer. And as we have mentioned above, if you work with any hard material, it is good to have a box of these around for use when you clean up the surface.

Blade Rust Problems

One potential pitfall to using razor blades on a stone surface is rust. For more than one reason, keeping a razor blade free from rust is important. First, even a tiny bit of rust on a razor that is used to remove adhesive from a stone surface can cause rust marks. Removing rust is not necessarily an easy task. Sometimes it requires using a rust remover specifically for removing it from hard surfaces.

Another potential hazard when using rusty razor blades on stone surfaces is that rust can scratch the surface. This can be an issue for some finishes. For example a polished marble looks its best when the surface is free from scratches. Really, any polished surface looks its best when there are no scratches. There are even products designed for concealing scratches in engineered quartz. What does this mean? It means keeping razor blades free from rust is important to the success of the project.

Even worse than getting some rust on a stone surface is leaving a razor blade on the stone in a somewhat damp environment. A razor blade in this situation can become very rusty and leave a rust stain on the stone; and it doesn't take as long as you might think.

Preventing Razor Blade Rust On Stone

Since rust can mar a stone surface so easily, it is beneficial to keep rust away from razor blades. But how can that be done? One of the recommended methods for rust control is keeping razor blades oiled. Using mineral or baby oil to coat the blade or store the blade until its next use can be beneficial in keeping the blade in a good condition for its next use.

Razor Blades That Don't Rust

Even though razor blades are somewhat inexpensive, they still can cause issues that incur expenses very quickly. One forgotten razor blade on a stone surface at an install can be costly in terms of time or reputation. One solution that fabricators turn to is razor blades that do not rust. Using ceramic blades for clean up removes the possibility of leaving a blade on a stone surface. In fact, using ceramic blades exclusively means that it is impossible for a metal blade to be left behind.

As we have seen, such a simple tool like the razor blade can make a large impact on a project, a business, and even an industry. So no matter what kind of razor blade you choose to use, keep in mind some of these helpful tips. If you do, you won't have to worry about removing a blemish from a stone surface caused by a razor blade.

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