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Quartz, Natural Stone, & Concrete Sealers

Sealants for Natural Stone, Quartz, & Concrete

Tenax has sealants that are formulated for multiple materials. They are listed below.

Natural Stone Sealers

Tenax has stone sealers designed to enhance, protect and clean all types of marbles, travertines, stones, granites, engineered material and agglomerates. If you are looking for a stone sealer for a project that uses natural or engineered stone, we have a sealer that is made for the material. Below are some applications that benefit from the use of stone sealers. If your looking for information on sealing virtually any kind of stone surface and have specific environment and surface types needs, Tenax has a sealer that is designed for the task..

Concrete Sealers

Tenax also offers sealers designed formulate to protect sorts of concrete surfaces in multiple ways. If you are looking for a concrete sealer for your project Tenax has concrete sealers designed for the task. Below are some concrete sealers.

Quartz Sealers

Beyond the scope of concrete and natural stone surfaces there are other materials that contain resins along with the natural minerals. One such material is Engineered Quartz. This material also can benefit from being sealed. Sometimes sealer is not the only treatment needed. There may be a need for the color to be enhanced too. The following links go to sealers designed for use on quartz surfaces.

  • Impregnating Sealers

    In the group of sealers that are available for use on stone surfaces, there are those that are impregnating sealers. These impregnating sealers are designed with specific benefits that you can read about here.

  • Topical Stone Sealers

    In the group of sealers that are available for use on stone surfaces, there are those that are topical stone sealers. These topical sealers (or waxes) are designed with specific benefits that you can read about here.

  • Enhancer & Sealer

    Protects and enhances natural stone materials by penetrating the pores of the stone and "locking in" the color enhancing properties while preventing additional liquids for entering into the stone and causing stains.

  • Premium Stone Sealer

    Proseal Ultra Premium Stone impregnating sealer is rated by fabricators as one of the best stone sealers for a variety of natural stones like granite, quartzite, and marble as well as engineered quartz.

  • Concrete Sealer Products

    Concrete sealers designed for protecting concrete surfaces are available in both water based products and solvent based products for applying to various concrete surfaces to provide protection and a seal.

  • Exotic Stone Sealer & Enhancer

    Exotic natural stone often times has very unique colors and is usually very absorbent because of how porous it is. These products are designed for enhancing exotic stone colors and sealing the stone to protect it.

  • Anti Graffiti Water Based Sealer

    If you are looking for a completely water-based sealer that is designed to repel water and oil without organic solvents, Glydex products are the sealer to look into for your solvent free stone sealing needs.

  • Outdoor Sealer for Porous Stone

    For very porous surfaces that are outdoors, Protex is the impregnating sealer that is designed to deeply penetrate the surface of the stone to provide protection to the surface and is food safe.

  • Quartz Enhancers & Sealers

    Tenax products designed for restoring and protecting the vivid appearance of your quartz engineered surfaces and enhancing quartz surfaces that have undergone some wear and tear from incorrect maintenance.

  • Water & Oil Proofing Sealer

    Hydrex is Tenax's water proofing and oil proofing stone sealer that prevents water from penetrating the stone it is protecting; thus making it waterproof. It also protects stone surfaces from being stained by oil.

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