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Adhesive for Wet Surfaces

Wet Surface Adhesives

Tenax offers a variety of epoxy adhesives designed for various uses. One group of strong adhesives is designed to bond stone to various other materials. These wet surface adhesives can glue even stone that is not dry. Domo 10 epoxy glue is designed for the following material combinations:

  • Gluing Metal to Stone
  • Attaching Stone to Glass
  • Bonding Concrete to Metal
  • Adhering Ceramic to Stone
  • Affixing Concrete to Glass
  • Gluing Stone to Plywood Panels
  • Stone to Honeycomb Panel Adhesion
  • Bonding Stone to Wood

In addition to being suitable for bonding different materials together, these wet surfaces adhesives are formulated to be highly resistant to weather. Therefore, it is recommended for outdoor use.

Bonding Metal or Glass

When using one of these wet surface adhesives to glue a stone or ceramic material to a metal or glass surface, the metal or glass must be scrabbled. After 1 month's time, we recommend that the planarity of the slabs be verified.

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