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About Concrete

Concrete is a truly versatile material that is durable and adaptable. This stone material has made its way into many aspects of our everyday lives. It is used for surfaces that we walk on, drive on, and even eat on. From concrete steps to countertops, concrete parking lots to foundations of buildings. It's all around us. In this section of our website's articles we delve into the material concrete. This information will highlight different uses of this amazingly strong material and inform the reader about which of our products can be used to create, care for, or enhance various concrete surfaces in and around the home or commercial area.

  • Caring for Sidewalks

    Caring for and maintaining concrete sidewalks involves cleaning, sealing, and removing stains from the surface to keep it looking its best and making the cleaning easier the next time.

  • Concrete Countertops

    In this article we take a brief look at concrete countertops and various other information that applies to them including care and maintenance of concrete.

  • Wet Look Concrete

    Finding a wet look concrete sealer can seem like a challenge when you are trying to find just the right product for a given material. Tenax though, has products for virtually all of them.