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Water Clear Indoor Outdoor Glue

If you are looking for a versatile transparent glue to use for indoor and outdoor jobs, this is the right place. Flowing and knife grade adhesives are available in this area. These transparent glues come in a variety of types and are designed for various purposes.

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To learn more about our clear adhesives, browse around this area and choose the right product for what you have in mind.

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Tenax Crystal Knife Grade Water Clear 1 Liter Part # 1CMA00BG50 1 Liter Crystal Knife Grade

Crystal is very smooth in consistency, and will cure shiny, is very polishable and colors easily to match granite and other stones.

Tenax USA Price: $35.89
GLAXS Ultra Fast Transparent Glue 50 ML Glaxs Ultra Fast Transparent Cartridge Adhesive

See why Glaxs Ultra Fast 2+1 Transparent 50 ml is a good choice for bonding many materials including quartz, granite, marble, and porcelain surfaces with effective results.

Tenax USA Price: $20.07
Part # 1RKA00BG50 Tenax Epoxy Gel Epoxy Gel

Tenax USA Price: $46.11
Tenax Glaxs BB65 Glue Super Flowing Pouches 315 gm Part # 1RGLAXSBB02 Glaxs BB65 Glue Super Flowing Pouches 315 Gm

This super flowing pouch is a new generation bi-component resin with zero yellowing that is solvent free with low viscosity and offers medium reactivity. It offers good penetration.

Tenax USA Price: $61.99
GLAXS Fast 2+1 Transparent Glaxs Fast Transparent 215 ML2+1 Cartridge Adhesive

Glaxs Fast 2+1 Fast Transparent 215 ml is an effective choice of cartridge adhesive for bonding several materials including porcelain, ceramic, and natural stone.

Tenax USA Price: $38.29
Tenax Hardener Liquid Clear for Water Clear Polyester Glue 2 oz Part # 1PAA00VB94 Hardener Liquid Clear for Water Clear Polyester Glue 2 oz

Hardener to thoroughly and accurately mix with several polyester adhesives used In stone fabrication including Crystal Knife Grade, Crystal Liquid, Super Transparent.

Tenax Micto A & B Fast Transparent Epoxy 1+1 Liter Part # 1RFA00HE50 Micto Fast Transparent Epoxy

If you are looking for a super fast curing two part epoxy that has medium viscosity consistency and is extremely strong, Micto Fast transparent is a good option.

Tenax USA Price: $136.38
Tenax Strong Edge 45 1.5 Quart Set Part # 1RFSTRONGEDGE1.5KG45 StrongEdge 45 Knife Grade

This knife grade adhesive is a clear epoxy that is the strongest clear knife grade epoxy made for fabrication and lamination and won't delaminate.

Tenax USA Price: $56.36
Tenax StrongEdge EXPRESS 1.5 Quart Set Part # 1RFSTRONGEDGE15KGBEST StrongEdge Express

Designed for stone fabrication and lamination, StrongEdge Express boned stone doesn't delaminate or break at the area to which it was applied.

Tenax USA Price: $56.36