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Waxes (Topical Sealers)

Topical Sealers

Topical sealers perform the task of sealing just as their name suggests. Unlike other sealers known as impregnating stone sealers, these products are known as "film formers" that are designed to protect stone surfaces against oil, water, and other contaminating substances. Various material is used to create these types of sealers and they produce two basic types of coatings. These coating types include:

  1. Strip-able Coatings
  2. Permanent Coatings

Not all topical sealers are good for every application, yet Tenax natural stone products are formulated to use on natural stone surfaces. Let's discuss a bit about the two coating types mentioned above.

Strip-able Coatings

Strip-able coating Topical Sealers are just as their name suggests; strip-able, or removable. These topical sealers are can be easily stripped or removed from the stone surface to which they are applied. Strip-able type topical sealers are often made of polymers and are usually water-based. Many janitorial type coatings are designed more for tile floors than natural stone surfaces.

Permanent Coatings

In addition to the strip-able sealers there are permanent topical sealers designed to be more difficult to remove. Once these topical sealers are applied, they are not easily removed from the surface to which they are applied. Permanent coating topical sealers are solvent-based or water-based polymers.

When using topical sealers on countertops where food will be prepared or used, you'll need to verify that the topical sealer you intend to use is food safe.

Advantages Topical Sealers

Sealers that work by coating surfaces have some advantages to them. Some of these advantages include:

  1. Usually more economical and the initial cost is lower.
  2. Generally these are easy to apply by those that are new to the industry.
  3. The coating generally accepts most of the wear and tear that the stone must take.
  4. Some coatings provide added slip resistance to the surface.
  5. Some can be applied below the grade.
  6. Can add luster to the surface.

Not all stone sealers are the same and they differ in their compatibility with various stone types and in which environment(s) they are used. We recommend that you peruse the stone sealer use chart to get an idea of which type of topical sealer you may be looking to use. We also recommend that you contact us with any questions regarding which sealer to use for your specific project.

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Tenax CeraFluida Liquid Wax New Part # 1MAA00BG60 Cera Fluida Liquid Wax 1 QT New

Liquid Wax for treating natural stone like marbles, granite, onyx, terrazzo, and other materials. This wax increases the polish and eliminates superficial defects and accents the color.

Our Price: $16.37
Tenax Tewax Clear Wax Paste 1 Liter Part # 1MCA00BG50 Clear 1 QT Wax Paste

1 Liter premium grade clear colored wax paste that is used to increase the polishing effect on several natural stone materials including granite, marble, and onyx to brighten the stone.

Our Price: $17.46
Tenax Tewax Black Wax Paste 1 Liter Part # 1MCT01BG50 Black 1 QT Wax Paste

1 Liter premium grade black colored wax paste that is used to increase the polishing effect on several natural stone materials including granite, marble, and onyx to brighten the stone.

Our Price: $17.46
Tenax Petrolux 1 Liter Part # 1MTPETROLUX Web Crack Concelaer Petrolux Clear 1 QT

1 Liter container of micro fissure concealer designed to hide and conceal the micro-porosities (or web-cracks) that are found in some polished natural stone slabs.

Our Price: $36.33
Tenax Uniblack 1 Black Granite Treatment 1 Quart Part # 1MUNI1 Black Granite Revitalizer UniBlack 1 1 QT

Uniblack 1 is a very strong concentrated black color enhancer that is designed to eliminate defects in black granite as it darkens the surface of the stone and makes it more unified in color.

Our Price: $38.69
Tenax Uniblack 2 Black Granite Treatment 1 Quart Part # 1MUNI2 Black Granite Stone Maintenance UniBlack 2 1 QT

Uniblack 2 is the maintenance step consisting of a black liquid wax that increases the black effect on polished, brushed and smooth surfaces without icreasing the gloss.

Our Price: $38.69
Liquid Silicone Surface Wax Shinex Liquid Silicone Wax

Transparent silicone wax surface treatment is designed to intensify the original tone of the material.