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Concrete Surface Treatment Products

One of the best ways to keep stone materials from staining is to protect them from getting stained in the first place. Of course, no material is immune to staining. However, there are actions you can take to inhibit the process and protect stone surfaces from getting stained by other substances that may come in contact with your stone surfaces.

We have a line of repellents designed for protecting concrete surfaces. These products are available in various forms and fall into a couple of categories. This page gives a basic summary of the products and discusses some basic points about them.

Solvent Based Products

The first type of products that we will mention here are the solvent based concrete surface products. Designed to be used on concrete surfaces, these solvent based protectors are available in 1 liter containers and are described below.

Concrete Pro Shield

Our Pro Shield concrete sealer is for use on concrete surfaces and protects concrete, terra cotta, and cement materials from stains caused by the weather, oils, and organic substances. This solvent based sealer is engineered for indoor and outdoor use.

Concrete Proof

Concrete Proof is a water repellent concrete sealer is another solvent based product offered through Tenax distributors to provide protection from various stain causing agents; namely, algae and mold. This solvent based concrete sealer is UV stable and will not change the color of the material.

Water Based Products

Our second area of consideration regarding sealers for concrete is the water based concrete sealers. These products, like the solvent based sealers, are designed to use on concrete material. However, they are formulated without solvents. Let's look at the selection.

H2O (Water) Proof

Protecting your concrete surface from algae and mold with a water based concrete sealer is what this product is designed to do. It is ideal for concrete and brick materials and preserves the look of the material it is protecting. H2O Proof is formulated for indoor and outdoor surfaces.

H2O (Water) Shield

H2O Shield is a water based concrete sealer that is also oil resistant. The product is designed to penetrate the pores of the material it is used on so it does not form a film and will not change the color of the material. This water and oil proof concrete sealer is available through Tenax distributors.

H2O (Water) Prowax

This cement protective sealer is designed to protect cement and cement agglomerates from inorganic and organic stain causing agents. It is a blend of polymers formulated to protect by entering the pores of the material and creating a protective film there. It also can be used on other porous stone or non-glossy cement materials.

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Tenax Concrete H2O Prowax 1 Liter 1 Liter Concrete H2O Prowax Protectant

Blend of polymers that protect cement and cement agglomerate surfaces from both organic and inorganic stains.

Tenax USA Price: $18.07
Tenax Concrete H2O Shield 1 Liter 1 Liter Concrete H2O Shield Water & Oil Proofer

Oil and water proof anti-stain, water-based, ideal for the protection of concrete based material with high porosity.

Tenax USA Price: $45.77
Tenax Concrete Pro Shield 1 Liter 1 Liter Concrete Pro Shield Water & Oil Repellant Sealer

Water and oil repellent sealer for use on concrete, cement and terra cotta with high porosity.

Tenax USA Price: $45.77
Tenax Concrete H2O Proof 1 Liter 1 liter Concrete H2O Proof Water Repellant Sealer

Waterproof, water-based product used for protecting concrete from water and water soluble dirt.

Tenax USA Price: $16.86
Tenax Concrete Proof 1 Liter 1 Liter Concrete Proof Water Repellant Sealer

Water repellent concrete sealer designed to protect against water absorption and damage from moisture.

Tenax USA Price: $16.86