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Granite Sealer for Natural Stone

Natural Stone Granite Sealer Products

Natural surfaces like granite are beautiful and attract the attention of many. One of the ways that owners of natural granite keep the surface looking its best is to keep it protected using an impregnating sealer. Tenax produces a variety of granite sealer that penetrates the surface of natural granite and create a repellent sublayer to keep the surface of the slab from allowing contaminants in. Different products are the best granite sealer in various situations. In this article, we will consider some of the kinds of impregnating sealers for granite. We will also briefly consider the performance of each one on granite.

Granite Impregnators

In the world of granite sealer there are a couple of kinds to be familiar with. We will only consider impregnators here. However if you would like to know more about topical sealers, you can check them out by browsing our topical stone sealers page. Additionally, if you would like to know more about the basics of impregnators, you can get the scoop at our page discussing impregnating sealers. Now though, let's see some of the granite sealer available from Tenax USA.

Sealing Various Granite Finishes and Types

Granite countertops exist in a number of finishes. Each kind of finish has specific advantages and disadvantages. As a result, not all granite sealer will work as well. There are also granite sealers available to enhance the stone too. Whether you are looking for granite sealer to protect a traditional slab or an exotic granite slab, you will find them here. Finally, some granite sealer repels water-based liquids and others repel oil-based substances.

Polished and Honed Granite Sealer

Tenax USA has various sealer for granite that is polished and honed. Glydex granite sealer is water-based and is formulated to seal granite. Glydex is completely free of organic solvent. It operates on the surface of the stone by filling the microporosities to prevent liquids from penetrating while allowing vapors to escape. Glydex is VOC Free, won't change the color of the stone, and is great for protection against graffiti. Once used, permanent marker is easily removed.

Another sealer for polished granite is Protex granite sealer. Protex is a food safe solvent-based sealer that leaves no surface film. This sealer lets the stone breathe and is particularly good for more porous materials.

Proseal granite sealer is a solvent based sealer with stain protection. It offers a high degree of penetration into more compact material and allows excellent protection depth. Additionally, it allows the stone to breathe.

Perhaps the choice of product for use as an indoor outdoor polished granite sealer for repelling water is Hydrex. Hydrex is a solvent-based water repellent that penetrates the stone's microporosities without affecting its breathability. This granite sealer is great for protecting outdoor surfaces that are not exposed to oily substances.

Polished and Honed Exotic Granite Sealers

For exotic granite surfaces Tenax offers Ager and Ager Tiger. These color enhancing granite sealers are also stone enhancers and are designed for use on exotic granite to make the material much more vibrant and vivid.

Ager is a stone enhancer and sealer for use on granite surfaces as well as other natural stone materials. This solvent-based sealer and stone enhancer offers the following benefits:

  • UV Resistant
  • Non-yellowing
  • Stain Resistant
  • Enhances Color
  • Helps Protect Against Graffiti

For exotic granite surfaces that are resined, Tenax offers Ager Tiger. This exotic granite color enhancing sealer is suitable for a number of materials including resined granite. It offers the benefits listed above as well. It is simply designed for use on exotic granite surfaces.

Both the Tenax Ager and the Tenax Ager Tiger work well on honed granite as well as polished granite. These color enhancing granite sealers add a deep, rich look to the stones on which they are used and a sub-surface barrier designed to protect the stone from potential stain-causers.

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