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Protective Water & Oil Resistant Sealers

Oil & Water Repellent Sealer

Looking for a waterproofing and oil-proofing impregnating polished stone sealer? The Tenax solution to this need is Hydrex. It is a high quality product that belongs among the best sealers for granite and other stone materials. Whether your surface is indoor or outdoor, Hydrex penetrates the stone and is fixed in the microporosities of the stone to repel water and oil while leaving the stone breathable.

Glossy Marble & Granite Stone Sealer

Hydrex works particularly well on glossy marble surfaces as well as polished granite and agglomerates. Polished marble materials that Hydrex has been proven to seal and protect include:

  • Carrara
  • Thassos
  • Trani
  • Botticino
  • Marfil

In addition to the above, Hydrex works well on polished granite and agglomerates too.

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