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Granite's Popularity

The Popularity of Granite

Some materials have been used for worktops and countertops for many years; decades. Infact, some have appeared in kitchens even for centuries. Granite is such a material. Although it has been used in architecture for thousands of years, in modern times it has made its way into the homes of many average families. As we explore various aspects of the popularity of granite we will answer the following questions. When did granite become so popular? What caused this natural stone to grow in popularity? Is it still in demand?

Not Always Accessible

Although granite is an excellent building material, it was not always easy for common people to obtain. Historically, granite has been available to those with the resources to get the material from the mountain to a surface. Until recently this meant having the manpower to achieve the necessary work it takes to quarry, prepare, and transport granite. As a result, granite had been somewhat inaccessible to most people. However, kings and the wealthy often used it because of the durability and longevity of life that it proved to have. However, the accessibility of natural granite did blossom. Furthermore, its popularity took off due to some specific influences.

Granite's Rise In Popularity

It might be hard for some to believe, but the use of granite in the home as worktops, vanities, and countertops did not really grow until the last few decades. Granite began to be used for surfaces of counters and other similar furnishings in the beginning part of the 20 th century. However, the use of granite as a countertop surface by average people did not really take hold until the 1980's. Even then, it was still somewhat costly to have it installed in the home.

The popularity of natural granite began to lift off round the middle to late 1990's. Looking at the statistics, it is easy to see how the growth continued over the following years. As time passed other materials began to be used for countertops. Even today man made materials are produced to mimic natural stone because of its popularity.

What Made Granite So Popular

The reason for granite's popularity can be attributed to several factors in a couple main categories. First, the characteristics of the stone itself. And Second, the advancement of technology related to the processing of natural stone.

Looking through the pages of the past, it becomes clear that there were outstanding events that contributed to the continued progress of granite's popularity. These events worked to expedite the production and transporting of material. Of course, it doesn't matter how fast the material can be moved or processed if there isn't a demand. So why do people appreciate granite?

People Value Original and Durable Materials

Granite's popularity stems from the fact that the material is unique. In fact, every stone that makes it into a home is unique from every other stone countertop. This is actually a quality of granite that makes it necessary to select the actual stone that will be used from a slab yard so that it turns out exactly like the purchaser wants.

Durability contributes to the desirability of the material as well. Granite is a durable, long lasting materials that is resistant to scratching and heat. It also has the ability to be treated using the best granite sealer for the job so that it resists staining too. Even so, just because a material is desirable that does not mean that it can be produced and moved quickly enough. So, as mentioned before, technology has played a role in granite's becoming popular. How so?

Technology Boosts Granite's Success

Looking back through the pages of history it becomes clear that technological advancement has played a role in the popularity of granite as a worktop surface material. Here are some of the advancements that have contributed to the increase of granite's usage.

  • Steamships - with the creation of steamships came the exporting of granite from one country to another.
  • Tooling - various kinds of tools have made the production of natural stone faster and easier. Helical wire, diamond blades and CNC machines are just some of the tools that have played a role.
  • Container Shipping - the increase of this method of transport contributed to a drop in granite prices, making it more affordable and thus, more popular.

These are just some of the advancements that have led to the growth in granite's popularity. In fact, technology has even created competition for the granite industry. There are several man made materials that now compete with natural stone - including granite - for market space. So then the question is, has granite's trajectory in the way of being a popular stone diminished?

Is Granite Still Popular?

When you look around in the granite industry, it is easy to tell that granite is still popular. Just look at all the granites that are available form producers. The following list is just a select list of popular granite stone:

Each of those materials offers specific characteristics that make place it in the group of popular granite. Since granite is so popular, there continues to be a need for products designed for processing granite slabs. One example is the need for products that change granite countertops color to enhance the look of the stone. And there are many others that we could write about as well. So it does not look like the the popularity off this natural stone material is going to dwindle quickly.

In conclusion we have taken a few minutes to consider when granite became popular. We also looked at what caused this natural stone to grow in popularity? Finally, we asked the question, "Is it still in demand?" For anyone thinking about whether they should begin fabricating this timeless material, we hope you will find that granite truly is a material that will endure for a long time.

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