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Gluing Granite Countertops

Gluing granite countertops is a subject that many wonder about. This article gets into some specific reasons why stone fabrication professionals glue granite countertops and how the task is performed using adhesives.

It is a topic that virtually everyone knows exists but there seems to be a lot of questions on the topic. When it comes to gluing granite countertops, you can browse the Internet and find all sorts of questions popping up all around the subject. And the questions are diverse and appear to be seeking the answer(s) to various common questions about the topic we are discussing here. Here are just a few of the questions you have no doubt seen regarding the gluing of granite:

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What People Want to Know About Bonding Granite

The short answer to the question, "what do people want to know about gluing granite?" is, "All sorts of things!" At least one search engine said so when trying to research the topic.

Isn't that interesting? Not only are searchers looking for whether granite can be glued, they also seem to be delving into detailed uses for granite glue. So, in this article we will not only try to answer all of those questions, but we will also mention some resources that will help you locate and the proper product(s) and use them effectively.

Can You Glue Granite to Granite?

The short answer is yes! You can glue granite together. Yet there is more to it than just answering that bottom line question. Various factors will impact your results when using glue to bond natural granite stone pieces. The environment in which the granite is being glued, the purpose of the project, and whether the glue will be visible after it cures are all aspects of the task that come into play. Gluing two pieces of granite together requires the right glue for the task at hand. So, selecting the proper glue for bonding granite to granite is key.

What Granite Glue Is Best?

The answer to that question lies in the nature of the project. As mentioned above, various factors can impact what product you will need. So, the short answer to this question is that different glues will be the best in different situations. We have already addressed that topic in a previous article so if you want to know more about that, check out our article titled: What is the Best Cartridge Glue?. It goes into more depth on the subject of determining which glue is the best for a given situation.

How Countertops Are Glued

Answering the question, "How do you glue granite countertops together?" is one that could be answered in many ways. This is because there are so many ways that granite gets "glued". So in this portion of the article, we will take a look at three aspects of working with granite countertops in which one needs to glue the stone.

Fabricating With Granite Adhesives

Fabrication of granite countertops involves a variety of tasks in which stone glue is needed. Depending on the style of the countertop and the edges in particular, granite glue will be necessary. Even the top may need to be glued. Let's briefly look at when stone glue is needed during granite fabrication.

The first way that a fabricator uses glue on countertops that we will mention is for a process called "lamination". Laminated edges are edges that have the appearance of being thicker. This is accomplished by taking strips of granite and gluing them together one on top of another. Using this technique, fabricators are able to create elegant shapes on the edges of the countertop. You can see a variety of lamination techniques in various places online.

Installing Granite

The next aspect of fabrication that often times results in the use of granite adhesive is the installation. It may not seem like you would need to use stone adhesive for the install, but it is an important part of the process. For example, gluing the countertop onto the cabinets, bonding separate sections of the countertop requires specific stone fabrication tools and adhesive if you want to have seams that are hidden, and finally, undermount sinks have to have something to hold them against the underneath side of the countertop. Undermount sink glue is designed specifically for this purpose. So there you have three ways that glue is used for stone countertop installation.

Gluing Granite to Repair It

Long after the granite countertop is installed it may need to have an adhesive used on it. In situations where a granite countertop has been chipped or broken, granite adhesive is an essential product. Being able to restore the stone by gluing the pieces back together can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, since you will not need to spring for a completely new install. Using a granite glue that is completely transparent or one that is color matched to the stone yields the best results in these cases.

Glue for Countertops

There are a number of options available for bonding countertop surfaces made from granite. Some of the adhesives are epoxies and others are polyester adhesives. Each type of glue offers advantages. If you would like to find out which kind of adhesive you need, you can check out When Should I Use Epoxy vs. Polyester Glue?


In conclusion, not only is it true that you can glue granite together, but adhesives are a primary component of the fabrication, installation, and repair industries. They are used in many aspects of the work done on granite including lamination and seam bonding. Choosing the correct adhesive for your project(s) then, is an important part of working with the material.

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