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Color Matched Sintered Stone Lapitec Adhesives

Lapitec Sintered Stone StrongBond Adhesives

If you are working with Lapitec you will be working with sintered stone material that is highly functional and durable. Lapitec sintered stone is an effective and practical surface material for kitchens and other applications. In addition to kitchen countertop surfaces, Lapitec sitnered stone is effective for floor panels, wall panels, and building facades. And the bonding agent that is used for this material needs to be a quality product too. StrongBond cartridge glue is an effective option for bonding Lapitec. StrongBond is formulated in matching colors to best blend with the unique hues of Lapitec. Some of the StrongBond Colors are engineered to work with multiple Lapitec colors. The table below shows the StrongBond color and the Lapitec color. If the StrongBond color matches additional Lapitec colors, the additional Lapitec colors are indicated in the second column.

Lapitec StrongBond Adhesive Color Matching
StrongBond Color Lapitec Color Other Matching Lapitec Colors
StrongBond Bianco Crema Arebescato Crema Arabescato Corallo
StrongBond Bianco Polare Bianco Polare Arebescato Perla
StrongBond Terra Ebano Terra Ebano -
StrongBond Grigio Cemento Grigio Cemento -
StrongBond Nero Antracite Nero Antracite -
StrongBond Grigio Piombo Grigio Piombo -
StrongBond Terra Mocha Terra Mocha -
StrongBond Terra Avana Terra Avana -
StrongBond Bianco Assoluto Bianco Assoluto Vittoria, Aurora, Venere, Elettra
StrongBond Nero Assoluto Nero Assoluto -
StrongBond Artico Artico Arabescato Michelangelo

No matter what your Lapitec project, you can have the appropriate color for the task.

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Terra Avana StrongBond Cartridge Adhesive Terra Avana Strongbond Cartridge Adhesive

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