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Butter Cream Titanium Cartridge 250 ML
Butter Cream Titanium Extra Rapid Cartridge Glue #1RTBUTTERCREAM


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Butter Cream Multi-material Color Matching Cartridge Glue


250 ML Butter Cream Titanium Cartridge Titanium is a very polishable and shiny curing cartridge adhesive that is excellent for natural and engineered stone materials....


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250 ML Butter Cream Titanium Cartridge Adhesive

Titanium Butter Cream 250 ML Glue Cartridge represents the latest in vinyl ester technology and is designed for use on a variety of fabrication materials. This natural and engineered stone adhesive is a rapid glue that cures shiny and is very polishable for great results. Butter Cream Titanium glue cartridges are a bi-component mixing tools that make use of a special static tip. These mixing tips precisely blend the two glue parts at the right 10:1 ratio as they move out of the cartridge.

Butter Cream 250 ML Titanium Glue Cartridges are pre-dosed to ensure proper mixing when used with the correct cartridge glue gun and static mixer. Available in a wide color assortment, Titanium vinyl ester cartridge adhesives are formulated to match many materials provided by various manufacturers.

Color Matching

Butter Cream Titanium works with a number of colors from a variety of manufacturers. Some of these colors include:

    Material Compatibility

    The 250 ML Butter Cream adhesive cartridge is great for use on a number of natural and engineered stone materials including:

    250 ML Titanium Butter Cream cartridge adhesive is an effective glue for bonding a variety of materials and works in a short amount of time and in low temperatures. This makes it appealing for specific uses.


    Titanium Cartridges have many applications and are effective on natural and engineered stone materials. To apply Butter Cream Titanium cartridge adhesive to a surface, simply load the glue cartridge into an appropriate gun (we recommend the M200XMR multi-ratio glue gun) and affix the proper static mixing tip to the end of the cartridge. After dispensing a small amount of glue to expel air from the tip, you are ready to bond surfaces.

    Shelf Life

    Keep containers closed after using the product. Keep away from direct sunlight, heat and humidity. Butter Cream Titanium is made to last 12 months under normal conditions. Long term storage at temperatures above 68°F will shorten the life of the adhesive and especially the activity of the catalyst. Additionally, storage at temperatures above 95°F could shorten the life of the product to less than one month.

    Safety Rules

    As with all products, including adhesives, please read the Butter Cream Part A SDS (Safety Data Sheet) and the Butter Cream Part B SDS (Safety Data Sheet) before use and follow the product instructions carefully.

    Additional Information

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