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Frankfurt Airflex Lux 800 Grit Brush
Part # 22FFAIRL800 Tenax Frankfurt Airflex Lux 800 Grit Brush


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Frankfurt Airflex Lux 800 Grit Brush


800 Lux Grit Airflex diamond brushes designed for use with existing tools currently being used fabrication shops everyday and these brushes are meant to be used on natu...

Product Code: 24AFFF800L

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800 Lux Grit Airflex Ffrankfurt Stone Texturing Brush

The Frankfurt 800 Lux Grit Airflex Stone Texturing Brush is one of Tenax's many diamond texturing brushes designed for use in a series to create a leathered, antiqued or textured finish on stone material. Using this Stone Texturing brush allows fabricators to texture all sorts of stone materials including:

  • Granite
  • Quartz
  • Quartzite
  • Slate
  • Sandstone
  • Serpentine
  • Marble
  • Travertine
  • Limestone
  • Onyx

Using this brush along with others in this line, creates textured, antiqued, or leathered finishes on natural stone materials. This effect gives stone surfaces added distinction that separates them from other surfaces that are not textured.

Frankfurt Airflex & Filiflex Brush Usage

Frankfurt Filiflex & Airflex brushes can be used with tools that exist and are used every day in many fabrication shops. By using a series of brushes in succession, professionals produce textured finishes on the surface of stone slabs. The Frankfurt Filiflex brushes are available in three different grits that are made with many narrow bristles. These lower grit Filiflex brushes remove material aggressively and leave the surface with a rugged texture. After getting the treatment started using the Filiflex brushes, the next phase begins using the Airflex brushes.

After using the Frankfurt Filiflex series, the stone professional then uses the Frankfurt Airflex series. These brushes are available in three additional grits. The Airflex brushes are designed to add color and form a beautiful soft antique look to the stone's surface. Additionally, there other higher numbered Airflex grits that may be used to follwo the standard Airflex brushes. These "Lux" brushes allow you to work the stone to an even smoother looking finish. Using these brushes together allows you to achieve textured, leathered, or antiqued surfaces in a controlled manner.

Frankfurt Airflex Stone Texturing Available Grits

Frankfurt Airflex Stone Texturing brushes are available in a variety of grits and can be used to create various textures and finishes on many kinds of stone as mentioned above. Working natural stone materials means using the right combination of the grits available to produce the look you are after.

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