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Glaxs Color Starlight 215 ML
Glaxs Color Starlight 215 ML

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Glaxs Color Starlight 215 ML

Glaxs Color Starlight 215 ML is made of two previously dosed components. This multipurpose Glaxs Color Starlight 215 ML is produced in a special cartridge ratio 2+1, with 2 tubes and a mixer which allows the correct extrusion of the product very easily. Once inserted in a proper gun with 2 pistons, the product is ready for use.

Glaxs Color Starlight 215 ML is suitable to glue and to mend:

  • Onyx
  • Solid Surface
  • Marble
  • Travertine
  • Stone
  • Quartz
  • Limestone
  • Granite
  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain

This adhesive can also be used to bond different materials together such as:

  • Marble-Marble
  • Marble-Granite
  • Stone-Ceramic

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Instructions for Use:

  1. All the surfaces to be treated must be cleaned and free of dust and grease.
  2. In case of glossy and/or smooth surfaces, we suggest to scrub the surfaces with sandpaper before gluing.
  3. Remove the threaded extremity and uncap the cartridge.
  4. Fix the mixer to the cartridge through the threaded nozzle.
  5. Before applying the glue on the surfaces, do spurge around 5 cm in line.
  6. Use only guns approved by Tenax, MK Sulzer ratio 2+1 H236M and Mixpac DM200-01 ratio 2+1.
  7. After usage, clean the nozzle, replace the cap and discard the mixer after use. Product will not set below +1°C.

Shelf Life:

The products in cartridge will last at least 18 months in the pack and 12 months out of pack, in normal conditions between 18-25°c, kept away from source of heat, humidity and sun light.

Technical Information for Glaxs Color Starlight 215 ML

The information in the following table of data is also available in a printable Portable Document Format (PDF) file. This file can be downloaded or printed by clicking the button at the bottom of the table.

Technical Data
Viscosity Part A cps 25°C Soft Gel
Viscosity Part B cps 25°C Viscous Liquid
Density Part A / Part B at 25°C gr/cm3 1.3/1.0
Aspect Part A/Aspect Part B Soft Gel/Transparent Liquid
Aspect Resin Hard Icy Effect/White
GARDNER Color of the Resin ASTM D1544 Ice/White
GARDNER Color of the Hardener ASTM D1544 Max. 0.5
Gel Time in Bulk at 25°C (100 gr + hardener) Approximately 3 min
Hardeness in Shore D (1) ASTM D 2240 74-76
Glass Transition Temperature Tglass (ASTM E1545) (1) N.A.
Peeling Test With Glass Fiber on Marble (1) (ASTM D3167) N.A.
Adhesion Force on Marble (ASTM D4541) (1) 9 Mpa
Adhesion Force on Glass (ASTM D4541) (1) 10 Mpa
Weathering Test on Climatic Chamber Qsun, (ASTM D904), 3 Years of Outdoor Condition, Light + Rain + Thermal Shock Passed, no detachment of resin from the support
Yellowing Test on the Xenon Chamber 15 years (ISO11341) No Change
Minimum Reaction Temperature +1°C
Minimum Temperature of Use After Hardening -25°C
Maximum temperature of Use After Hardening +60°C
Working Time at 25°C (Time for Polishing or Cutting) 40-45 min

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