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Antique Starter Package 4
Tenax Antique Starter Package 4


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Tenax USA Price: $1,268.00

Tenax Antique Starter Package 4


Antique starter package 4 stone honing kit equipped for working natural and engineered stone surfaces to produce a honed finish and has by Ager and Proseal color enhanc...

Product Code: 24AFFFNORTHSET4

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Package 4 Stone Antique Starter

The CNC Frankfurt honing kit is equipped for working natural and quartz stone surfaces. The kit comes with Ager and Proseal tenax products for enhancing and sealing the surface as well as the abrasives needed to complete a honed finish on stone surfaces.

Tenax CNC Finishing Abrasives

Each CNC Frankfurt Honing Kit comes with 4 each of the following abrasive products for working a honed finish:

  • FF Diamond Brush (4)
  • FF Filiflex Brush 36 Grit (4)
  • FF Filiflex Brush 46 Grit (4)
  • FF Filiflex Brush 60 Grit (4)
  • FF Airflex Brush 120 Grit (4)
  • FF Airflex Brush 220 Grit (4)
  • FF Airflex Brush 300 Grit (4)
  • Toolbox (1)

Tenax Ager 250 ML

Tenax ager stone sealer and enhancer formulated to revitalize and enhance the color of natural stone surfaces. Tenax Ager gives stone a deep, rich, appearance while protecting the material from water-based and oil-based liquids that could stain the material.

Tenax Ager Tiger 250 ML

Ager Tiger is a solvent based product designed to protect and enhance natural exotic stone surfaces. Ager Tiger produces a deep, rich appearance to surface of the stone while protecting the material from water based and oil based liquids that could discolor the material.

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