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Tenax Bravo! Quartz Stain Remover
Tenax Bravo! Quartz Stain Remover

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Quartz Cleaner Stain Removing Spray


Use this quartz stain fighting solution undiluted and spray it directly on the quartz surface to remove fingerprints, organic stains, general wax residue, and food stai...

Product Code: 1MPA00BG511

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Tenax Bravo! Quartz Stain Remover

Tenax Bravo! Quartz Stain Remover removes and cleans difficult stains from quartz:

  • Organic stains
  • Food, wine, coffee blood, cosmetic residue
  • Fingerprints
  • General wax residues and candle wax residues
  • Shoe polish
Can be used indoors and outdoors. Do not dilute.

How to Use:

Do not dilute. Spray the solution on the surface, leave on surface per the chart below, then clean and rinse with a damp sponge cloth.

The product may change the appearance of some plastics and alkali-sensitive surfaces. Avoid contact with surfaces treated with wax as it could be removed. After washing, once the surface is clean and dry it is advisable to apply a protective coating for Quarzo Tenax.

Attention: If the surface is treated for the first time it is advisable to assess the effect and the adherence of the tile on a sample or a hidden corner. Close the container after use. Do not exceed the maximum contact time of 30 minutes, as specified in the table.

Fruit stains, colored stains, algae, organic dirt30 minutes
Cosmetic residues, lipstick, shoe polish, coffee, red wine, blood, soap10-30 minutes
Wax residues, candle wax residues30 minutes
Fresh paint and polymer emulsions30 minutes
Scuff marks from shoes30 minutes
Fingerprints3 minutes
Markers20-30 minutes

Safety Rules:

Read the information on the safety data sheet and the instructions on the package/can before use.


Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with the eyes and skin. Do not mix with other substances.

Shelf Life:

The product will last at least 24 months in normal condition, kept away from heat, humidity and sun light. Close the package after usage.

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