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TeFill Chip Repair Kit
Tenax Tefill Chip Repair Kit Part # 1TEFILLKIT

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Chip Repair Kit for Fixing Chips in Stone


Dual viscosity repair kit that dries in under a minute and leaves a polished look on stone surfaces that can be used for a variety of blemishes such scratches and chips...

Product Code: 1TEFILLKIT

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Tefill Dual Viscosity Stone Repair Kit

The Tefill Dual Viscosity Stone Repair Kit is a chip repair solution designed for repairing blemishes on natural stone surfaces of many types.

The kit enables you to repair stone surfaces in a matter of minutes because the glue bonds literally in seconds and leavees a polished finish on the stone.

This stone repair kit is designed to visually correct several kinds of blemishes including:

  • Fissures
  • Scratches
  • Chips
  • Surface Breaks

Stone Repair Kit Components

Depending on the type of repair you need to achieve, you will use various parts of the kit.

Tefill 1

The Tefill 1 component of the kit is designed for correcting fissures, scratches and minor chips in horizontal surfaces. Its thin consistency allows it to flow into the openings of the blemish. When activated, it dreis in seconds and then the surface can be touched up by using a razor blade to remove the excess glue.

Tefill 2

This component of the Tefill stone repair kit performs the same function in the process as Tefill 1, except it is not as thin. Being a thicker consistency, the Tefill 2 component of the kit works best for large chips that have come out of surfaces or edges. The thicker consistency of Tefill 2 means it won't flow as easily and therefore is perfect for bonding on vertical surfaces.

Tefill 3

Tefill 3 is the activator for the other two components in the kit. Having the activator separate from the glue means you can get the glue in place before setting the drying and bonding in motion. Simply unite the activator with the glue and it bonds in seconds.

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