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Zero Purple Liquid Stain Remover 1 Liter
Tenax Zero Purple Liquid Stain Remover 1 Liter


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Absorbent Material Liquid Stain Remover With Active Chlorine


1 Liter bottle of stain removing product used for treating stains on natural stone surfaces. Zero Purple is an alkaline product that goes deep into the stone on which i...


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Tenax Zero Purple Liquid Stain Remover 1 Liter

Tenax Zero Purple Liquid Stain Remover is a special cleaning treatment for absorbent materials such as marble and granite. The product is a water and active chlorine formula that goes deep into the material, removes existing stains and prevents new spots and shading from forming. It can be used on natural stone surfaces with a polished finish since it is not aggressive.
It can also be used on ceramic surfaces (not to absorbent) such as stonewaves with rough finish.

Make sure surface to be treated is clean before applying the product. Once the product has been applied spread it on the entire area with a roller or paint brush. Leave on 30-60 minutes and then rinse with water. If necessary, apply a second application with a longer contact time. Always test on a small hidden area first.

ATTENTION: This is an alkaline product containing active chlorine. Do not get in contact with metals or metal parts! It might also ruin some plastic materials and surfaces not resistant to alkali, such as onyx marble or other very delicate marbles, A prior test is recommended!

Shelf Life:
This product will last at least months if kept between below 77°. Keep away from heat, humidity and sunlight.

One liter treats approximately 160-270 square feet (15-25 square meters).

Please read Safety data sheet before usage.

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