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Black 250 ML Tepox Q Color Match System
Tepox Q Color Match System - Black 250 ml


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Black Stone Dye for Color Enhancing Slabs


Black 250 ML is used to enhance the appearance of stone that has been resined with color additives or otherwise enhance or alter the look of a stone and may be mixed wi...

Product Code: 1H364BLSM

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Tenax Tepox Q Color Match System - Black 250 ML

Tepox Q Black is a special chemical color liquid used to color match stones that have been resined with color additives. Tepox Q may also be used to enhance slabs or to alter the look of a slab for specific applications Use a single color or mix multiple colors together to acheive the desired effect. Tepox Q is designed to be used in conjunction with Ager or Ager Tiger. It is also recommended to follow up with Tenax Proseal or Tenax Protex premium grade sealers. Tepox Q is for indoor and outdoor use.


  1. Bring the stone to a 400 grit polish
  2. Dry the stone. The stone should be as dry as possible to allow as much penetration of the Tenax products as possible.
  3. Apply Tepox Q directly to the stone. Do not dilute. Apply full strength.
  4. Allow the Tepox Q to completely dry. This can be force dried, by a heat gun, or it can be allowed to dry naturally.
  5. After the stone is dried, apply Tenax Ager over the Tepox Q
  6. Allow the Ager to completely dry. Again, this can be force dried or allowed to dry naturally
  7. Finish polishing the stone. We recommend the Weha 3 Step polishing pads
  8. Force dry or allow the stone to completely dry.
  9. Apply Tepox Q to the stone to fill in the newly exposed pores from the polishing process. Work with the Tepox Q until the color is matched to the desired look.
  10. Force dry or allow the Tepox Q to dry completely
  11. Apply Ager as directed over the Tepox Q and completely dry.
  12. Finish with Tenax Proseal - Ultra premium sealer to fully lock in the Tepox Q.

Shelf Life:

This product will last at least 12 months if kept between 65° and 77°. Keep away from heat, humidity and sunlight.

Please read Safety data sheet before usage.

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How to Apply Tepox Q

Tepox Q Application

Applying Tepox Q is fairly straight forward. There are, however, specific things to be aware of when applying it. The following videos have been prepared to demonstrate how to apply Tepox Q.

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