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Snail Lock Automated Diamond Snail Lock Edge Wheels

Tenax automated edge polishing wheels are designed for both single and multihead line machines. May be used on GMM™, Cemar™, Breton™,Marmo Meccanica™, Park Industries™, Sasso™, Omega™, Montresor™, USG machines™, Commandulli™, CMPI™, etc.

Tenax offers both 5" and 6" Snail Lock Flat Edge Resin Diamonds as well as 5" and 6" Snail Lock Bullnose Resin Diamonds.

Why Use Tenax In Line Automated Diamond Wheels?
  1. Polish. Tenax Automated Edge Wheels produce a very deep, rich polish on both granite and Engineered Stone materials
  2. No lines. Tenax In Line Diamond Discs produce that perfect polish without the lines so common in many diamond edge wheels
  3. Life. Hands down Tenax Diamond Edge Wheels will outlast even the most popular edge wheels by 2 to 3 times longer. Tenax Wheels last between 4500-6000 feet per set.
  4. Less pressure on the machine. Tenax Automatic Edge Diamond Wheels run a virtually minimum machine pressure. Average pressure is 2 bars-2 1/2 bars.
  5. Easy to set up. Tenax In Line Diamond Wheels are super easy to set up and get the edges polishing faster.
  6. Less cost per Linear Foot. Because of the competitive market price of Tenax Diamonds and double the life, Tenax Diamonds become the lowest cost per linear foot to run.
  7. Interchangeable Wheels: No need to change wheels from Bullnose to Flat or Vice Versa. Both profiles can do Flat and Bullnose edges.

How to Choose which one to use? Should you use Bullnose or Flat Edge Diamond Wheels? Why does Tenax offer 2 different ones?

Tenax produces both Bullnose and Flat Edge In Line Diamond Discs. Both will work on either edge.

If you have dedicated automatic line machines for either Bullnose or Flat edge polishing, choose either the Bullnose or Flat Edge edge diamond wheels for that specific line machine.

If you have 1 Automatic Edge Machine that is being used for both Flat Edge and Bullnose polishing, use the bullnose diamond wheels. The Bullnose will do both radius and flat polish. But since the majority of what the machine will be doing is bullnose by using the bullnose wheels it will drastically improve the life efficiency of the edge diamonds to help get you that 4500-6000 linear feet of polish.

Vice Versa applies as well. If you run the majority of your edges as flat but occasionally do Bullnose, than buy the Flat Edge Wheels. And you most certainly can run the Bullnose job when the job comes in without changing heads. This is to maximize speed, performance, and life of the wheels and machine.

Click below to learn the full details of Tenax Flat Edge ( 5 Inch and 6 Inch) and Bullnose Diamond Edge Discs (5 Inch or 6 Inch)

Creating Brushed Leather Finishes

Do you want to create a brushed leather finish using your in line machine? You can with our Airflex and Filiflex snail lock brushes.

Check out the Tenax Filiflex and Airflex snail lock brushes

  • Magnetic Edge Polishing Wheels

    Increase productivity and boost efficiency using the revolutionary quick change magnetic edge polishing wheel attachment system designed to speed up the changing out of 6 inch polishing wheels to merely a matter of seconds. Check them out!

  • Automated Edge Polishing Wheels

    Tenax automated edge polishing wheels are designed for both single and multihead line machines, are available in bullnose & flat edge, and will last 4500-6000 linear feet of polishing. They produce a perfect polish finish without the lines.

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