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About Research & Development

Research and Development is at the core and heart of the Tenax family of manufactured products.

The on-going exchange of information between the Tenax research and development centre and the sales network, enables the Group to have first hand knowledge of the new market trends and the new requirements arriving from the different geographical areas.

Research and Development

Accurate design and experimentation, through a technical team of 25 persons using the latest IT systems enable us to produce high-tech products in terms of functionality, innovation and quality, and all the necessary production and assembly equipment.

The Tenax laboratory has avant-garde instrumentation for enquiries in the organic and inorganic chemical-physical sectors (Microscopy, Spectrophotometry, gas-chromatographic analyses, thermomechanical and thermogravimetric analyses, Adometries and complete characterisation of resins and polymers) and it makes use of specific skills for the set-up of new products, for technical support to customers, for analysing and solving laying problems and correct use of the stones.

A team of specialists in stone materials, in co-operation with marble experts, architects, laying experts, engineering experts, and restoration experts, guides the customer in the selection and best use of Tenax products, proposing and devising specific products aimed at solving the specific requirements of every customer.

By the Managerial Decree No. 2326/Ric. of 10/11/2006, the Ministry of University Education and Research included TENAX SPA in the List of research laboratories, referred to in art.14 of Ministerial Decree No.593 of 8/8/2000 at MIUR.


Tenax S.p.a. introduces a new service: laboratory Geolab. It’s a world-wide oriented research office equipped with advanced research-machinery and highly characterized technical staff. Geolab offers to Tenax clients:

  • support in the optimization of block extraction phases, in choosing quarry areas, in the evaluation of blocks quality and breaking point;
  • guidelines for the selection of stones based on its use and treatments to be used;
  • test on U.V. rays-, stains-, flexion- and compression-resistance of different materials;
  • test on water absorption so to understand stone reaction in frost and defrost condition and consequently valuation on internal or external use of the material;
  • clients assistance in planning extraction and environment restoration of the quarry;
  • analysis to define origins, composition and scientific name of stones.
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