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Think Green Projects

Technological Innovation Working Alongside the Environment

Respect for the environment and customer satisfaction are the guiding principles underlying the heavy investments in R&D promoted by Tenax for development of its ThinkGreen project.

ThinkGreen is based on a business policy that considers respect for the environment in which we live one of its fundamental commitments at all levels, prompting the development of ecocompatible products with reduced environmental impact and highly sustainable production methods.


Water is the natural base element of ThinkGreen surface treatments. The perfect symbiosis between high performance and ecocompatibility.

Enhancers, water-oil repellent treatments and waxes with a water base are the new ThinkGreen treatments for stone surfaces. Formulations created to protect and exalt the beauty of stone materials with the highest performance, reduced environmental impact and ecocompatibility.

ThinkGreen Water

ThinkGreen Air


Abatement of VOC emissions: another achievement in favor of the environment.

VOC (volatile organic compounds), emitted by chemical products into the air, are among the causes of atmospheric pollution. The ThinkGreen project has the goal of abating those emissions through the development of a vast range of products in different merchandise categories, in respect of the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) parameters and regulations in force.


The effectiveness off our products derives from the earth. Mastics, epoxy resins, hardeners, abrasives that come from the renewable sources.

The ThinkGreen project uses natural extracts as the base for its mastics, epoxy resins, hardeners and abrasives. Careful selection of the vegetable oils in the formulations is the key to our commitment to social and environmental safeguard and respect. The use of renewable sources effectively enables us to achieve our goal of eco-sustainability.

ThinkGreen Earth

ThinkGreen Energy


Saving energy to safeguard the environment, resins with drying time unaffected by the temperature.

Saving energy means safeguarding the environment, also through a reduction in energy consumption during the production process. Our resins dry at the same speed at 20 °C as at 40 °C, and represent our long-term commitment for the environment as well as immediate savings in terms of economy.