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To Be Green

Technological Innovation Working Alongside the Environment

Tenax respects the world environment that we all live in and continues to find better ways to protect it

To Be Green For Tenax

The environmental awareness put into practice by Tenax involves the entire production system through the responsible use of natural resources and of recyclable consumables, the development of system oriented toward energy savings, the monitoring and reduction of waste materials and harmful emissions.

Green Building Council of Italy

With the Think Green project, Tenax is aligned with the LEED parameters and is a regular member of the Green Building Council of Italy, which operates in the sector of design and construction of ecocompatible buildings.

What is LEED?

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) furnishes clear reference parameters and a system of certification to the operators in the sector, specifying design parameters for the construction of ecocompatible buildings. Developed on the basis of the USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council), it is a voluntary non-profit association founded in 1993 in the United States with the goal of spreading a culture of sustainable building construction at the international level.

How widespread are the LEED parameters?

Starting in 1993 the LEED parameters have spread and been adopted in over 40 countries, becoming a system that is universally accepted and understood for the certification of buildings designed and constructed in a sustainable, efficient manner. LEED is the international reference for sustainable construction and is essential for all those companies that wish to compete on the international market.

What is the link between Tenax and LEED?

As a member of GBC Italia, the affiliate of USGBC in Italy, Tenax with its Think Green project is investing vast resources in the development of a wide range of products that respect the LEED parameters in terms of eco-sustainability and reduction of VOC emissions.

What is an ecocompatible building?

The words "ecocompatible buildings" defines structures which are energy efficient and environmentally friendly, made with building techniques that promote the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, energy saving and using renewable energy sources.

How is the ecocompatibility of a building measured?

The ecocompatibility of a building is measured on a points system, called credits, indicating compliance with the LEED parameters during its design and construction. This system imposes essential requisites at the outset, and a minimum score to be reached to obtain certification.

What does VOC mean?

VOC are volatile organic compounds, and are one of the causes of atmospheric pollution. They are released into the atmosphere during processing of products that imply the use of chemicals, such as paint, varnish, adhesives, glue, etc.

What does renewable sources mean?

Sources that by their intrinsic nature regenerate themselves or are inexhaustible can be considered renewable. Their use does not endanger their availability for the future generations. Some examples are the sun, the wind, the sea, etc.