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Tenax Diamond Blades

Diamond Bridge Saw Blades & Small Blades

A new product line for working with a variety of materials is now available from Tenax. Tenax has researched and developed some new diamond blades for cutting a variety of materials. Let's take a few moments to consider some specific uses and applications fro which these Tenax diamond blades are designed.

Blades for Cutting Ceramic Surfaces

When it comes to cutting ceramic materials, including porcelain, a bridge saw blade that has the capability of cutting very hard materials is necessary. Therefore, Tenax has designed a series of blades for cutting porcelain and other ceramic surfaces. These blades come in a variety of sizes and designs and they cut cleanly and quickly for good quality project results. Let's take a quick look at some of the uses for these new diamond blades.

Small Diamond Blades for Ceramics

Bridge saw blades are not the only diamond blades available form Tenax. Small 4" and 5" dry cut diamond blades are also available for use in working with ceramic porcelain materials. These blades are thin and offer a core designed for reducing heat and staying rigid through usage. These small blades are made for use in wet and dry cutting environments.

Bridge Saw Blades for Porcelain Countertops

One of the growing areas in the fabrication industry is that of porcelain countertops. Surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms are created from diverse materials. In fact, there are a significant amount of materials that are used for countertops these days. In recent times porcelain has been added to the list of materials being used for kitchen and bathroom countertops. So the need for diamond bridge saw blades to cut porcelain countertops is one that Tenax has worked to fill. As a result, Tenax now offers a line of bridge saw blades for working with porcelain countertops.

Blades for Cutting Material at 45° Angles

A common need when working with various materials, including porcelain, is the ability to cut at 45° angles. Therefore Tenax has developed a diamond blade for cutting ceramic porcelain materials with this in mind. The 45° ceramic miter blade is developed with the purpose of making clean cuts to porcelain ceramic surfaces.

Quartz Bridge Saw Blades

Diamond blades are also necessary for cutting engineered materials. When it comes to fabrication requirements, having the right blade is of major importance. Because of this need, Tenax has developed a line of bridge saw blades for cutting quartz. These diamond blades are available in 14", 16", and 18" diameters.

Diamond Blades for Cutting Marble

Natural stone materials are also used for countertops and other surfaces. Additionally, one of the natural stone materials with a rich history for use in architecture is marble. The rich history of natural marble is well established. Because of the significant role that marble has played in various prominent works, people choose this remarkable material for use in their homes and other areas. Tenax then, has seen the necessity of offering a line of diamond bridge saw blades for cutting marble stone. These blades are available in both 16" and 18" sizes.

Dekton Diamond Bridge Saw Blades

There are also bridge saw blades designed for cutting even ultracompact surfaces. Among these hard materials is DEKTON® by Cosentino. DEKTON® diamond bridge saw blades are designed to cut these extremely hard materials. When using diamond blades for DEKTON® in combination with best practices, fabricators get the best possible clean cuts on ultracompact surfaces and other sintered materials.

As discussed, there are a variety of natural and engineered materials that require specially designed diamond blades. Tenax as researched and developed diamond bridge saw blades & small blades for a variety of materials that fabricators are sure to encounter.

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