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Tepox Q Yellow 250 ML
Tepox Q Yellow 250 ML


Product Code: 1H364YSM

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Tenax Tepox Q Color Match System - Yellow 250 ML

Tepox Q Yellow is a special chemical color liquid used to color match stones that have been resined with color additives. Tepox Q may also be used to enhance slabs or to alter the look of a slab for specific applications Use a single color or mix multiple colors together to acheive the desired effect. Tepox Q is designed to be used in conjunction with Ager or Ager Tiger. It is also recommended to follow up with Tenax Proseal or Tenax Protex premium grade sealers. Tepox Q is for indoor and outdoor use.


  1. Bring the stone to a 400 grit polish
  2. Dry the stone. The stone should be as dry as possible to allow as much penetration of the Tenax products as possible.
  3. Apply Tepox Q directly to the stone. Do not dilute. Apply full strength.
  4. Allow the Tepox Q to completely dry. This can be force dried, by a heat gun, or it can be allowed to dry naturally.
  5. After the stone is dried, apply Tenax Ager over the Tepox Q
  6. Allow the Ager to completely dry. Again, this can be force dried or allowed to dry naturally
  7. Finish polishing the stone. We recommend the Weha 3 Step polishing pads
  8. Force dry or allow the stone to completely dry.
  9. Apply Tepox Q to the stone to fill in the newly exposed pores from the polishing process. Work with the Tepox Q until the color is matched to the desired look.
  10. Force dry or allow the Tepox Q to dry completely
  11. Apply Ager as directed over the Tepox Q and completely dry.
  12. Finish with Tenax Proseal - Ultra premium sealer to fully lock in the Tepox Q.

Shelf Life:

This product will last at least 12 months if kept between 65° and 77°. Keep away from heat, humidity and sunlight.

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