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Sasso Revolution Flat & Bullnose Edge Wheel Tests

This test was done on a Sasso Revolution using flat & bullnose polishing wheels.

The Sasso Revolution has two areas that it uses for polishing. First, it has a "bullnose area" and second, a "flat area". For this test, both areas were used and tested on granite. The Bullnose area of the machine was used for radius work. Then the flat polish area was used for square edges. These results will be discussed by area.

Flat Polish Area Results

The results of the flat edge polishing test using the T6 edge wheels was a complete success. The results were outstanding, the wheels performed nearly perfectly and initially the life of the wheels has been reported to be good.

Settings and Pressure

The following settings and pressure were used on the tests conducted using the flat edge area of the machine:

  • Sequence:
    • 220 at 3.2 bar
    • 400 at 3.2 bar
    • 600 at 3.2 bar
    • 800 at 3.2 bar
    • 1500 at 3.2 bar
    • Oscillation On

Bullnose Area (Eased Edge) Results

The solid bullnose wheels worked perfectly on the bullnose area to produce very small eased edges which is the most difficult edge on any automated edge machine.

Settings and Pressure

The following sequence and pressure settings were used during the tests conducted using the bullnose area of the machine:

  • Sequence:
    • 220 at 2.4 bar
    • 400 at 2.8 bar
    • 800 at 2.8 bar
    • 1200 at 2.8 bar
    • Lux at 2.8 bar*
  • Backpressure: 1.8 bar
  • Speed: 46 to 48 cm/m
* The Lux was turned off since the 1200 was shiny enough. Additionally, you could add a 120 for bullnose, but definitely not for eased; it is too aggressive.

Results Images:

Tenax Edge Polishing Wheel Results On Sasso Revolution