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Edge Polishing Wheels Testing & Research

Tenax USA consistently works to not only develop new products but to run case studies and testing under controlled conditions on very specific machines. Additionally, the results are documented so we can continuously improve the products we bring you.

This area will focus on the testing, research and trials of Tenax edge polishing wheels. Each test session is done a unique machine with specific settings. Since the testing is meant to determine whether improvements are needed, not every documented test or case will have a stellar outcome. In fact, there are evironmental factors that will affect the performance of the test machine. We will do our best provide as many details in the results listed as we can. However, each report many have more or less details included in the documentation provided here.

Test Information

The test information that we will include in the performance summaries will, in most cases, include the following:

  • The machine the test was conducted on.
  • Product tested on the machine.
  • Pertinent settings used during the test session.
  • Description(s) of various methods and settings tried.
  • Results achieved along with suspected causes or corrections made.